lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

V.A .Standing Hard -A Tribute To Youth Of Today

Este es un muy buen Tributo hecho hace unos buenos años atras y lo tenemos aqui para ustedes muy buenas bandas ,poderoso sonido ,y el mensaje de Youth Of today que hace hechar las murallas abajo .

01.The Tangled Lines - Modern love story
02.HoldXTrue - Together
03.Secret Seven - Understand
04.The Patience - Crucial times
05.Make Or Break -I have faith
06.The Weapon - Youth of today
07.Expired Youth - Take a stand
08.Fuerza De Voluntad - Positive outlook
09.The Truth Of XXX - Can't close my eyes
10.Weekend Nachos - We just might
11.XvenganzaX - Youth crew
12.Weapons And Tactics - Make a change
13.Breaking Ground - Stabbed in the back
14.Nostalgia - Honesty
15.Motivation - Breakdown the walls
16.Second combat - Flame still burns
17..Struggle Against - Slowdown
18.XhalfthebattleX - Put it aside
19Years from Now - Wake up and live
20.Fumbles In Life - Potential friends
21.The Fire Still Burns - A time we'll remember
22.Crickbat - Disengage

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