viernes, 23 de agosto de 2019


01. Om Namo Bhagavate 
02. Narasimha Pranama
03. Govinda
04. Jaya Prabhupada 
05. Сострадание 
06. Sharanagati 

lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

Decision final-Mahabharata

01. Semilla
02. Volver
03. Amigo
04. Trataré Hasta El Final
05. Empezar De Nuevo
06. En Mi Interior
07. Mahabharata
08. Satya
09. Olvidar
10. Navegando
11. Nada Me Detiene

sábado, 13 de abril de 2019

Cro-Mags-Live at Evansville, Indiana. 2018.03.21

Resultado de imagen de cro-mags show

01  World Peace 
02  Show You No Mercy 
03  Malfunction
04  Crush The Demoniac 
05  Street Justice 
06  Seekers Of The Truth 
07  Signs Of The Times 
08  Right Brigade (bad brains) 
09  Attitude (bad brains) 
10  It’s The Limit
11  Life Of My Own 
12  Don’t Tread On Me 
13  We Gotta Know 
14  Hard Times

Cro-Mags- Northside Yacht Club.Cincinnati, Ohio. 2018.03.26

Resultado de imagen de cro-mags

01  (a clockwork orange)
02  World Peace 
03  Show You No Mercy 
04  Malfunction 
05  Crush The Demoniac 
06  Street Justice 
07  Seekers Of The Truth 
08  Signs Of The Times 
09  Right Brigade (bad brains) 
10  Attitude (bad brains) 
11  It’s The Limit 
12  Life Of My Own 
13  Don’t Treat On Me 
14  We Gotta Know 
15  Hard Times 

Respite -Thoughts 7" EP

01. Shattered identity
02. Appearance
03. Completion
04. Your idea of purity 

lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Safe- power of bliss LP

01. Collision
02. Learn to climb
03.  Nor a mirage
04. Moving away
05. Never give up
06. New and true
07. Progress
08. Our bridge

Safe-Stay strong 7" EP

01. Stay stronge
02. New and true
03. These walls of misery 

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2018

Genuine- A Bond Still Strong LP + The Pessimist Project 7"

A Bond Still Strong Tracklist:
1. Wash Out With The Tide (Aaron Edge)
2. Dry, Erase (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
3. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
4. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
5. Regress (Shay of Langley)
6. One Up On You (Aaron Edge)
7. Stand Alone (Greg Bennick, Trial/Beneath Earth and Sky)
8. 24 (Jason Kolins, Burden)
9. Forced (Myron Mejia, Mourn the Sun)
10. Reduce Half Size (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
11. All That Is Not Yours (Aaron Edge)
12. Clock Out (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
13. NWHC (Jason Kolins, Burden)
14. Grateful (Dave Larson, Screwjack, Excursion Records)
15. A Bond Still Strong (Aaron Edge)
The Pessimist Project Tracklist:
1. Believe
2. Words
3. Faith
4. Take
5. Forget

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2018

Various ‎– Vibratory Disturbance 2

A1–Accidental Birth-F.S.U.
A2–Line Of Fire-Reaching Down
B1–Baby Gopal Clever Mind
B2–Gandiva-Those Who Kill

Bloodclot-Up in arms

01. Up in Arms
02. Fire
03. Manic
04. Kill the Beast
05. Prayer
06. Siva / Rudra
07. Soldiers of the New Babylon
08. Kali
09. Slow Kill Genocide
10. Slipping into Darkness
11. Life as One
12. You'll Be the Death of Me


miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Sonidos de liberación-10th anniversary compilation- A spiritual revolution in the age of kali

108-Holyname (US)
World Collide-Absolute (US)
Never surrender-Tha sound that set me free (US)
Agni hotra-Protect your friends (PL)
Terrorzone-Self realization (US)
Bhimal-True identity (PL)
Pain runs deep-Locate your enemy (UK)
Prema-Conditioned-Classified (US)
Foose-The science of self realization (US)
Rencilla-Pies de loto (PA)
Traces of you-Realization and bliss (ITA)
Kashmir 9:41-pripoutanej (CZ)
Dar la vida-Separacion (ARG)
Abhinanda-Fallen (SWE)
Request denied-Moment (SLOV)
Bhakti-Compasión (ARG)
Guidance- My body, my cage (UK)
N4S-Mantra 5 (PH)
Spudmonsters-Isolation (USA)
Veil-Shell (DE)
Sever all ties-my demise (USA)
Resplandor. El inmenso mar de ignorancia (COL)
Beyond mere existence- Priority is beyond (CL)
Enquirer-Amigo del alma (ARG)
Constrict- Not the body (ESP)
Prestaya-Levante (BR)
Last Life- Колыбель страданий (UKR)
Nyshynga-Diamond in the dirt (PL)
Coubterblast-The search -(USA)
Argot-Mereciendo el deseo (COL)
Levante-War on illusion (BRZ)
Inherit-Desire to grow (PL)
Mihara-Back to godhead (PH)
Austerity-Soulcage (SRB)
Bloodclot-Prayer (USA)

Birds of a feather-Another day (NL)
Set me free-set me free (IT)
Through these eyes-One heart to give (SRB)
Safe-without your guide (IT)
Mais que palavras-Desapego (BRZ)
可燃引火/Kanen Inka-波間に揺れる (JP)
Tistán a Cel Felé-Nélküled (HRG)
Better than a thousad- Born to give (USA)
Strive for more Strive for more (SRB)
Eternal fire- Varování, Výzva, Naděje (CZ)
Cause for alarm-Prabhupada (USA)
Decision final- Ilusion (PE)
Refuse to fall-Soulfire (USA)
Confort Supremo-purificacion (ARG)
Seekers of the truth-Introspection (FR)
Mainstrike-Words of wisdom (NL)
Both worlds-Not of this body (USA)
Baby gopal-Shiva (AUS)
Mantra-Karma (HRG)
Fumbles in life-The gift of forever (IT)
Stonewall-Wake up (SRB)
Superalma-El ojo con el que miras (ARG)
Antidote-Real deal (USA)
Gandiva-Searcher (USA)
Dividied we fall- Start for something new (PH)
Las palabras queman-Invocacion (ARG)
Radheya-Teoria de la separacion (COL)
His divine grace-Truly defined (PH)
Eighteen days-Radhe Shyam (USA)
Govinda Hardcore project-Da io a io (IT)
Lifeline-Last breath (USA)
Revival-Maya (COL)
Sudarshana-Sudarshana (ARG)
Shaa-Nila (IT)
Surya-El santo nombre de Krisna (ARG)
Team ocean-Krishna Conciousness (RU)
Shelter- In defense of reality (USA)
First Flame-Surrender (SRB)
Omkara-Maya (PL)
Youth of today-Disengage (USA)
Nocomplai Maya (BRZ)
Reflections-Supreme (DE)
Run devil run-180 (USA)


Descarga VOL1
Descarga VOL2

martes, 10 de julio de 2018

Dividied we fall- His Divine grace / Split

united blood records

01. Slogans, banners and flags
02. Start for something new
03. We know the truth
04. Nilapastangan
05. Lasenggo gago
06. Holyname
07. Live, love, life
08. Truly-definided
09. Choice, chance, change
10. As day comes to night
11. Offering
12. Persuit of the light

viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

First Flame- Promo EP

01. surrender
02. why can't you hear me screaming 
03. waiting
04. found 

domingo, 3 de junio de 2018

Tisztán a cél felé-x Thrash x 33 x 00 x

01. Isten Óvja A Királyt 
02. Dinoszaurusz 
03. Összeomlás 
04. Jeti 
05. Örökség
06. Hét 
07. Egészségház
08. Örökség 80s Punk All Stars

sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Sevaparayana Das & Devarani Dasi-Bhajans

Bhajans CD from Sevaparayana Krishna Das (Traces Of You's singer) and his wife Devarani Devi Dasi. They recorded the CD as a wedding favor for their wedding (July 2016).  

01. Sri Vrrindavana
02. Cintamani
03. Viraha Bhakti
04. Saranagati

lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Shelter-bhajan k7 EVR

01. Kirtan
02. Kirtan
03. Kirtan
04. Kirtan
05. Kirtan
06. Kirtan


domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

Oceans Of Birth And Death-Lap Of The Witch

Metal-post metal, D-beat 

01. The Beginnings Of Reactionless Karma
02. Lap Of The Witch
03. Sri Nrsimha Pranama


sábado, 6 de enero de 2018

martes, 19 de diciembre de 2017

Various ‎– Something Higher - Hard To The Soul

 Compilation by Dharmavit Das Youth Crew Records 

01. Lifeline -Last Breath
02. Lifeline-Cobra
03. Constrict-Not The Body
04. Constrict-Void
05. Safe -Never Give Up
06. Safe -Moving Away
07. Traces For You-Unbroken
08. Traces For You-Spiral
09. Seven Daggers-Darkness Falls
10. Seven Daggers-Metric Forcefield
11. Las Palabras Queman-En La Sangre
12. Las Palabras Queman-Soy La Voz
13. Echoes -A Silent Outrage
14. Echoes -Zealot


Shit happens- The stone age

01. My Way Out
02. Soul Side
03. Selfish Society
04. The Stone Age
05. Transcendence


sábado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

Bottom Line- One in the same

02.Right from the start
03. Silent surrender
04. Society's Pawn
05. One In The Same

sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

Age of Quarrel- Bombs? no thanks

A1. Bombs? No, Thanks.
A2. Age Of Quarrel
A3. Intolerance
A4. Sad Song
A5. Denial
A6. Yes, Dictator
A7. Out Cast
A8. Anarchy
A9. B.H.C.


Age of Quarrel- Infalible justice

01 Infallible Justice
02 Age Of Quarrel
03 Denial
04 Yes Dictator
05 The Meaning
06 Speech
07 One Truth



03.Ante el poder destructivo del fuego
05.¿Podré aguantarme?
06.El valor de luchar
07.Paradigmas vs. enigmas
08.Nómadas o sedentarios
09.La dulzura del habla
11.El buen tranque


Dharma-La Batalla de Kuruksetra

A1. Govinda
A2. Maya
A3. Ya Tu Ves
A4. En El Fondo De Tu Amor
B1. Dios Es Luz
B2. Krsna
B3. Misericordia En La Era De Kali


Omkara - Ballada o rzeżniku (Single)

01. Ballada o rzeżniku

Jesus Piece- Summer '16 Promo

01. Greed
02. Mantra (With Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj mantra)
03. Left to Drown


Kashmir 9:41-Govinda Jaya Jaya (Single)

01. Govinda Jaya Jaya


Wuds ‎– Arms Talk ( Armies’ Reunion for Modern-age Service & Training in Attainment of Love & Knowledge-In the service of the servants of Govinda )

A1. Stupid People
A2. Man In The Mirror
A3. Teachers And Cheaters
A4. Seen But Ignored
A5. Sa Katulad Mo
A6. Peace Be With You
B1. Pera
B2. Tahimik Hindi Magulo
B3. Murder
B4. Jail
B5. Ang Mga Bata
B6. Sana Hindi Minsan Mo Lang Akong Tingnan


Wuds-Oplan Kahon

01. Peace Be With You
02. No Excuses
03. Stupid People
04. Murderer
05. Sa Katulad Mo
06. Sana
07. Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka
08. Rain [We]
09. Pera
10. Tahimik Hindi Magulo
11. Teachers And Cheaters
12. Jail
13. Patay Buhay
14. Ang Mga Bata


A1. Gera
A2. Shit Bowl Of Time
A3. Argumentum Ultimatum
A4. Ang Umibig Sa Iyo
A5. Parehong Lagi
A6. Radio-Friendly
B1. Butil Ng Asukal
B2. Panawagan Ng Katotohanan
B3. Society In Conflict
B4. Love Song
B5. Ang Lyrics
B6. Sa Loob Ng Gulong


Wuds-Nakaupo Sa Puso

A1. Aham Brahmasmi (I Am Spirit)
A2. Ang Isip Ko
A3. Ang Yaman Ng Mundo
A4. Walang Ibang Paraan
A5. Supremo
B1. Nakaupo Sa Puso
B2. Bulong Ng Pangalan
B3. Eugenics (I Am Against)
B4. Langit
B5. Komplikado
B6. Sa Iyo Lamang


domingo, 15 de octubre de 2017

Punto de Apoyo - La opulencia del absoluto

01. Intro
02. Cautivo
03. Falsos heroes
04. Nuestros corazones


miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Mais que palavras-Está em nós, somos nós

01. Perdidos
03. Três Letras
04. Mártires
05. Pra frente
06. Exército
07. Combustível
08. Perdão
09. Desapego
10. A Calma
11. Todo
12. Leões


Tisztán A Cél Felé-10

01. Family
02. Dühös Vagyok
03. Miért Rossz
04. Darsana
05. He Krisna
06. Radhe-Syam
07. Nincs Más Út
08. Szolgád Vagyok
09. Hősök
10. Csizmával az Arcukba
11. Civilizáció
12. Minden Faluban és Városban
13. Az Ötödik
14. A Rettegés Íze
15. Láthatatlan Ember
16. Egri Csillagok

sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

Satya- Chuva

01. Sobre o que sinto quando me recordo de 2009
02. Atmosfera
03. Crise em mim


viernes, 24 de junio de 2016

N4S-Thy queendom come

01. Thy Queendom Come
02. Sree Radhe
03. Divine women
04. Neither here nor there
05. The foot dust
06. Of all the letter I am the letter
07. Life I will live beyond
08. Two face
09. Killing of Dhenukasura
10. One at Whose Feets all master sit


miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Direction-Demo 2000 K7

01. Lost soul
02. Capital "I"
03. Beg to differ


Soul Cries- Soul Cries

01. The Real You
02. Runaround
03. Drown
04. Sailing to Byzantium
05. Arrival
06. Fools' Gold
07. Still
08. Reflection
09. Clear the Sky
10. Animal
11. The House Is Clean
12. Beyond the Eyes
13. I Am Alive
14. A Foundation Unshaking
15. World of Pain
16. White Noise
17. The Search
18. The Self


martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

5150- No fear

01. Opening song
02. Nrisimhadev song
03. Where is your real love?


lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Constrict- Carved In Stone

01. Not The Body
02. Void
03. Legacy
04. The Treason


Constrict-Suffocation Of The Soul

01. Unashamed
02. Allegiance
03. Desolated
04. Cleansing
05. Final Exhale
06. Revelation
07. Life Sentence
08. To Eternity


viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Shelter- Live in Slovenia 93

01. Better way
02. The news
03. In praise of others
04. In defense of reality
05. Not just a package
06. Freewill
07. Quest of certainty
08. Govinda
09. One concern
10. Saranagati
11. Progresive man
12. Shelter
13. Photograps lie


Superalma-En guerra con el mundo material

01. A tus pies
02. El ojo con el que miras
03. Despierta!
04. En guerra con el mundo material
05. Degradación
06. Acción Reacción
07. Una Plegaria
08. Como un oasis en el desierto


viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

Another Wall 7"

01 - Globe
02 - Hectic
03 - In Time
04 - Not A Word (Unreleased)


Entrevista a Superalma en Revelación Radio


jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016


01 Senseless
02 Inner qualities
03 Needle
04 Fallen
05 Competition in hatred
06 Love story?
07 Drift apart
08 Dragon
09 My source
10 Serenade