lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2018

Genuine- A Bond Still Strong LP + The Pessimist Project 7"

A Bond Still Strong Tracklist:
1. Wash Out With The Tide (Aaron Edge)
2. Dry, Erase (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
3. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
4. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
5. Regress (Shay of Langley)
6. One Up On You (Aaron Edge)
7. Stand Alone (Greg Bennick, Trial/Beneath Earth and Sky)
8. 24 (Jason Kolins, Burden)
9. Forced (Myron Mejia, Mourn the Sun)
10. Reduce Half Size (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
11. All That Is Not Yours (Aaron Edge)
12. Clock Out (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
13. NWHC (Jason Kolins, Burden)
14. Grateful (Dave Larson, Screwjack, Excursion Records)
15. A Bond Still Strong (Aaron Edge)
The Pessimist Project Tracklist:
1. Believe
2. Words
3. Faith
4. Take
5. Forget

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2018

Various ‎– Vibratory Disturbance 2

A1–Accidental Birth-F.S.U.
A2–Line Of Fire-Reaching Down
B1–Baby Gopal Clever Mind
B2–Gandiva-Those Who Kill

Bloodclot-Up in arms

01. Up in Arms
02. Fire
03. Manic
04. Kill the Beast
05. Prayer
06. Siva / Rudra
07. Soldiers of the New Babylon
08. Kali
09. Slow Kill Genocide
10. Slipping into Darkness
11. Life as One
12. You'll Be the Death of Me


miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Sonidos de liberación-10th anniversary compilation- A spiritual revolution in the age of kali

108-Holyname (US)
World Collide-Absolute (US)
Never surrender-Tha sound that set me free (US)
Agni hotra-Protect your friends (PL)
Terrorzone-Self realization (US)
Bhimal-True identity (PL)
Pain runs deep-Locate your enemy (UK)
Prema-Conditioned-Classified (US)
Foose-The science of self realization (US)
Rencilla-Pies de loto (PA)
Traces of you-Realization and bliss (ITA)
Kashmir 9:41-pripoutanej (CZ)
Dar la vida-Separacion (ARG)
Abhinanda-Fallen (SWE)
Request denied-Moment (SLOV)
Bhakti-Compasión (ARG)
Guidance- My body, my cage (UK)
N4S-Mantra 5 (PH)
Spudmonsters-Isolation (USA)
Veil-Shell (DE)
Sever all ties-my demise (USA)
Resplandor. El inmenso mar de ignorancia (COL)
Beyond mere existence- Priority is beyond (CL)
Enquirer-Amigo del alma (ARG)
Constrict- Not the body (ESP)
Prestaya-Levante (BR)
Last Life- Колыбель страданий (UKR)
Nyshynga-Diamond in the dirt (PL)
Coubterblast-The search -(USA)
Argot-Mereciendo el deseo (COL)
Levante-War on illusion (BRZ)
Inherit-Desire to grow (PL)
Mihara-Back to godhead (PH)
Austerity-Soulcage (SRB)
Bloodclot-Prayer (USA)

Birds of a feather-Another day (NL)
Set me free-set me free (IT)
Through these eyes-One heart to give (SRB)
Safe-without your guide (IT)
Mais que palavras-Desapego (BRZ)
可燃引火/Kanen Inka-波間に揺れる (JP)
Tistán a Cel Felé-Nélküled (HRG)
Better than a thousad- Born to give (USA)
Strive for more Strive for more (SRB)
Eternal fire- Varování, Výzva, Naděje (CZ)
Cause for alarm-Prabhupada (USA)
Decision final- Ilusion (PE)
Refuse to fall-Soulfire (USA)
Confort Supremo-purificacion (ARG)
Seekers of the truth-Introspection (FR)
Mainstrike-Words of wisdom (NL)
Both worlds-Not of this body (USA)
Baby gopal-Shiva (AUS)
Mantra-Karma (HRG)
Fumbles in life-The gift of forever (IT)
Stonewall-Wake up (SRB)
Superalma-El ojo con el que miras (ARG)
Antidote-Real deal (USA)
Gandiva-Searcher (USA)
Dividied we fall- Start for something new (PH)
Las palabras queman-Invocacion (ARG)
Radheya-Teoria de la separacion (COL)
His divine grace-Truly defined (PH)
Eighteen days-Radhe Shyam (USA)
Govinda Hardcore project-Da io a io (IT)
Lifeline-Last breath (USA)
Revival-Maya (COL)
Sudarshana-Sudarshana (ARG)
Shaa-Nila (IT)
Surya-El santo nombre de Krisna (ARG)
Team ocean-Krishna Conciousness (RU)
Shelter- In defense of reality (USA)
First Flame-Surrender (SRB)
Omkara-Maya (PL)
Youth of today-Disengage (USA)
Nocomplai Maya (BRZ)
Reflections-Supreme (DE)
Run devil run-180 (USA)


Descarga VOL1
Descarga VOL2

martes, 10 de julio de 2018

Dividied we fall- His Divine grace / Split

united blood records

01. Slogans, banners and flags
02. Start for something new
03. We know the truth
04. Nilapastangan
05. Lasenggo gago
06. Holyname
07. Live, love, life
08. Truly-definided
09. Choice, chance, change
10. As day comes to night
11. Offering
12. Persuit of the light

viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

First Flame- Promo EP

01. surrender
02. why can't you hear me screaming 
03. waiting
04. found 

domingo, 3 de junio de 2018

Tisztán a cél felé-x Thrash x 33 x 00 x

01. Isten Óvja A Királyt 
02. Dinoszaurusz 
03. Összeomlás 
04. Jeti 
05. Örökség
06. Hét 
07. Egészségház
08. Örökség 80s Punk All Stars

sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Sevaparayana Das & Devarani Dasi-Bhajans

Bhajans CD from Sevaparayana Krishna Das (Traces Of You's singer) and his wife Devarani Devi Dasi. They recorded the CD as a wedding favor for their wedding (July 2016).  

01. Sri Vrrindavana
02. Cintamani
03. Viraha Bhakti
04. Saranagati

lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Shelter-bhajan k7 EVR

01. Kirtan
02. Kirtan
03. Kirtan
04. Kirtan
05. Kirtan
06. Kirtan


domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

Oceans Of Birth And Death-Lap Of The Witch

Metal-post metal, D-beat 

01. The Beginnings Of Reactionless Karma
02. Lap Of The Witch
03. Sri Nrsimha Pranama


sábado, 6 de enero de 2018