miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Sonidos de liberación-10th anniversary compilation- A spiritual revolution in the age of kali

108-Holyname (US)
World Collide-Absolute (US)
Never surrender-Tha sound that set me free (US)
Agni hotra-Protect your friends (PL)
Terrorzone-Self realization (US)
Bhimal-True identity (PL)
Pain runs deep-Locate your enemy (UK)
Prema-Conditioned-Classified (US)
Foose-The science of self realization (US)
Rencilla-Pies de loto (PA)
Traces of you-Realization and bliss (ITA)
Kashmir 9:41-pripoutanej (CZ)
Dar la vida-Separacion (ARG)
Abhinanda-Fallen (SWE)
Request denied-Moment (SLOV)
Bhakti-Compasión (ARG)
Guidance- My body, my cage (UK)
N4S-Mantra 5 (PH)
Spudmonsters-Isolation (USA)
Veil-Shell (DE)
Sever all ties-my demise (USA)
Resplandor. El inmenso mar de ignorancia (COL)
Beyond mere existence- Priority is beyond (CL)
Enquirer-Amigo del alma (ARG)
Constrict- Not the body (ESP)
Prestaya-Levante (BR)
Last Life- Колыбель страданий (UKR)
Nyshynga-Diamond in the dirt (PL)
Coubterblast-The search -(USA)
Argot-Mereciendo el deseo (COL)
Levante-War on illusion (BRZ)
Inherit-Desire to grow (PL)
Mihara-Back to godhead (PH)
Austerity-Soulcage (SRB)
Bloodclot-Prayer (USA)

Birds of a feather-Another day (NL)
Set me free-set me free (IT)
Through these eyes-One heart to give (SRB)
Safe-without your guide (IT)
Mais que palavras-Desapego (BRZ)
可燃引火/Kanen Inka-波間に揺れる (JP)
Tistán a Cel Felé-Nélküled (HRG)
Better than a thousad- Born to give (USA)
Strive for more Strive for more (SRB)
Eternal fire- Varování, Výzva, Naděje (CZ)
Cause for alarm-Prabhupada (USA)
Decision final- Ilusion (PE)
Refuse to fall-Soulfire (USA)
Confort Supremo-purificacion (ARG)
Seekers of the truth-Introspection (FR)
Mainstrike-Words of wisdom (NL)
Both worlds-Not of this body (USA)
Baby gopal-Shiva (AUS)
Mantra-Karma (HRG)
Fumbles in life-The gift of forever (IT)
Stonewall-Wake up (SRB)
Superalma-El ojo con el que miras (ARG)
Antidote-Real deal (USA)
Gandiva-Searcher (USA)
Dividied we fall- Start for something new (PH)
Las palabras queman-Invocacion (ARG)
Radheya-Teoria de la separacion (COL)
His divine grace-Truly defined (PH)
Eighteen days-Radhe Shyam (USA)
Govinda Hardcore project-Da io a io (IT)
Lifeline-Last breath (USA)
Revival-Maya (COL)
Sudarshana-Sudarshana (ARG)
Shaa-Nila (IT)
Surya-El santo nombre de Krisna (ARG)
Team ocean-Krishna Conciousness (RU)
Shelter- In defense of reality (USA)
First Flame-Surrender (SRB)
Omkara-Maya (PL)
Youth of today-Disengage (USA)
Nocomplai Maya (BRZ)
Reflections-Supreme (DE)
Run devil run-180 (USA)


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