viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

108 -One Eight

01. Angel Strike Man
02. Repeat
03. Ashes Dust
04. The Sad Truth
05. Our Kind
06. Strenght Or Fear
07. (Walk) Their Path
08. The Bars (Black Flag Cover)
09. Coptic Times (Bad Brains Cover)
10. Blood (1995 Demo)


jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

108-Curse Of Instinct

01. Curse Of Instinct
02. The Bars (Black Flag cover)
03. Blood
04. Coptic Times (Bad Brains cover)
05. Pyro Stoke


1. Invocation
2. Blood
3. Killer of the Soul
4. Scandal
5. Being or Body

6. When Death Closes Your Eyes
7. Mantra Six
8. Arctic

9. Serve and Defy
10. Curse of Instinct
11. Pyro Stoke 1
2. Panic
13. Opposition
14. Deathbed

15. Noonenomore
16. Son of Nanda
17. Woman
18. Shun The Mask
19. Thorn
20. Solitary
21. I Am Not
22. Weapon

23. Govinda - Viahena
24. Hostage: I
25. Request Denied
26. Pale
27. Holyname
28. Grow
29. Hopeless
30. Gopinatha
31. 10.8

32. Thirst
33. Slave
34. Liar

35. Idefy
36. Tulsai's Song

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Shelter -Live at Full Force Festival

Descarga Parte 1
Descarga Parte 2

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Shelter- Live Trutnov -Open Air Music Festival 2008

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lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

AntiDote -The Real Deal Live /1983 -2009

01.Real Deal
03.Foreingt Job Lot
06.Zero mentality
07.You Got me On a Line
08.Die At War
09.Something Must Be Done
11.Live For Nothing
12.Life As One
13.Nazi Youth
15.I Dont Hate
16.Leave Just Behind
17.You Got Me on a Line
19.Real Deal
20.Zero Mentality
21.Die At War
22.Something Must Be Done
23.Foreing Job Lot
24. Deadly Rain
25.Life As One
26.Nazi Youth
27.You Say You didn t ,But You didn t
28.Lest Be friends
29.Got Me On a Line
30.Live For Nothing
32.Foreingn Job Lot
33.Real Deal
34.Somethin Must Be Done
35.Die At War
36.Zero Mnetality
37.Something Must be Done 90
38.Road Warrior


jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Cro -Mags -Hard Times in an Age of Quarrel


1. Intro/ We Gotta Know
2. World Peace/ Show No Mercy
3. Apocalypse Now
4. See The Signs
5. Malfunction
6. Survival Of The Streets
7. Days Of Confusion
8. Street Justice
9. The Only One
10. Crush The Demoniac
11. Changes
12. Down But Not Out
13. Seekers Of The Truth
14. It's The Limit/ Life Of My Own
15. Signs Of The Times
16. Age Of Quarrel
17. Hard Times
18. Death Camps


1. Intro/ See The Signs
2. World Peace
3. Show No Mercy
4. Say Goodbye To Mother Earth
5. Malfunction
6. Path To Perfection
7. Other Side Of Madness
8. It's The Limit
9. Life Of My Own
10. Age Of Quarrel
11. Sign Of The Times
12. Seekers Of The Truth
13. Don't Tread On Me
14. Death Camps
15. We Gotta Know
16. Apocalypse Now
17. Crush The Demoniac
18. Down But Not Out/ Hard Times


miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Youth Of Today - Live At Liverpool 1989

Una de las bandas que cambió la historia del Straight Edge y de donde son parte Ragunatha Das (Ray Capoo) y Paramananda Das (John Porcelly)

03.Shout It!
04.Thinking Straight
05.Choose To Be
07.Slow Down
08.Take a Stand
09.Better Than You
10.Can't Close My Eyes
11.Keep It Up
12.Time To Forgive
13.Put It Aside
14.Positive Outlook
15.No More
16.Crucial Times
18.Moder Love Story
19.Flame Still Burns
20.Glue (SS Decontrol Cover)
21.Standing Hard
22.Potential Friends